3rd Gaming FAQ

We are an on-line gaming clan/team/community that plays Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). In a nutshell, we are a group of people who enjoy playing PUBG together. We have been an on-line gaming group since 2004. Although most members are newer to the group.
On the home page click "Join", fill out the application and submit. It stores your information in our database. Once reviewed, if we accept your application we will place you on the recruit roster. You need not register for anything, simply come into our Discord and use the #leaveamessage channel to tell us you applied.
The full requirements are listed on the application under "Join" however, the 3 main requirements are to be over 18, have a mic and discord, be active weekly in PUBG.
The recruit roster is not visible to the public and is for admins only. Your role in Discord should change to "recruit" and your name pink. If this does not happen within 24 hours of applying, please contact a Discord admin.
Add them on steam and discord. A channel in discord called "steam profiles" is a good place to start. We are also working on a steam roster on our main page, which should be available soon.
The 2 week trial is not skilled based. Its based on several factors such as if your active enough in PUBG (minimum weekly), if you "get along" with the others, or if you discover you don't like 3rd. This 2-week period is a way for you to check out 3rd and for us to check out you. PLEASE COME INTO DISCORD AND MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN. If we don't see you, you will fail your recruitment period.
At the end of the 2 weeks you will be asked if you would like to join, or we will remove you from our roster. So check your status in Discord. If it's been over 2 weeks contact a Discord admin. They base it on an admin vote and your activity.
Players over 18 who can have a good time! Not players who get super aggravated or bossy in the game. Never talk down to or insult other members. Enjoy yourself, the game and the group. We spend hundreds of hours together over the course of the game, so its important we all get along.
No. You must contact us. It uploads your information into a back-end spreadsheet in our database, where it is kept and reviewed. However, because of the high volume of applications we receive, it is your responsibility to contact us. Try doing so in Discord "leave a message channel".
3rd has competed in various leagues over the years including ESL, TWL, and CAL leagues in the past four other games. At the moment we take part in PUBG online and ESL but this changes every season. The league team is internal, competitive, and not required. It does not guarantee a spot on the internal league team.
No, because of our no cheating or hacking policy we cannot accept Steam VNC ban players. Player's who gain a VNC ban will be removed from 3rd gaming. 3rd Gaming will work with outside parties such as BlueHole Inc, and Valve to report and facilitate cheating investigations.
The best chicken dinner is a highly debatable topic, but we recommend a variety of solid recipes from this link: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/201/meat-and-poultry/chicken/
Not officially as a group. However, as gamers, most of us own loads of games. Many of our members play other games such as Rocket League, Battlefield, The Elder Scrolls, GTA, Rust, League of Legends, COD, Escape from Tarkov, Sea of Thieves. We are considering adding additional games to play as a clan based on player demand and admin upkeep time.
If the other clan does not play PUBG Yes, of course no problem! If the other clan plays PUBG, then no, you may not. Doing so may cause dismissal from 3rd gaming. We have learned in the past that this creates several problems regarding conflict of interest. However, special circumstances (eg, local LAN club, pro esports team, ect maybe approved, ask admin to clarify).
No, it is not mandatory. However, it is strongly encouraged so we easily identify one another on steam ect.
Please contact steam name "[3rd] Pizzapunx" for help or a discord Admin.
We play both, it depends what players are on-line and their preference. Majority normally rules depending on which players are online.
Try our discord text channels.